Surge of solidarity: Belgians want to offer their vaccine against the coronavirus to Fanny, whose health is fragile (video)

A few days ago, we told you about Fanny, who has myopathy. Despite her illness, she is not among the people who are vaccinated first. Relayed by RTLINFO, his testimony moved, so much so that priority Belgians offered to offer him their vaccine. Would such a donation be possible?

A surge of solidarity reached us via the orange Alert us button. It concerns Fanny, suffering from myopathy (a neuromuscular disease, note) and having lost a lung ten years ago, but not being able to benefit from the vaccine in priority. Touched by the fate of this 25-year-old young woman, many Belgians very generously offered to offer her their vaccine. “I am a senior, therefore priority for vaccination in March, Christiane wrote via the orange button. I sincerely hope that Fanny can receive the vaccine that will be intended for me “. “For Fanny, if necessary, I will give you my vaccine “, wrote to us Jean who signs “a grandpa of 70 years and in average health”.

An emergency doctor also wants to offer his vaccine: “It would be atrocious if she had this virus with only one lung”

We also received the message from William, an emergency doctor questioned by Fanny’s story. “It would be excruciating pain to have one lung and to have pneumonia linked to this virus, considers this doctor. Especially since I have already had covid and pneumonia related to it. So vaccination is secondary from my point of view anyway, with an anti-body rate still very high. “

How to handle such exceptions?

However, a doctor who would give his vaccine to a patient, this is not conceivable, according to the advisory committee on bioethics. “I don’t think it’s desirable because we’re going to introduce lots of individual exceptions at that point. Why will he do it for this patient and not for another?”, asks Jacqueline Herremans, member of the Belgian bioethics advisory committee.

According to Jacqueline Herremans, the established rules are essential. “We need it because we do not have a sufficient stock of vaccines for the moment and we do not have the human resources to vaccinate everyone at the same time “, she recalls, stressing the importance of establishing “orders of priority”.

If the established schedule is respected, Fanny, aged 25, will be vaccinated in the last.

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