Surprise – Archbishop’s son Arcia’s birth certificate does not contain Megan Mark’s name

The British newspaper The Sun says that Megan’s name has been deleted from the document, but instead her “Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex” is written in the box about the newborn’s mother.

Rumor has it that a couple of Dukes of Sussex have decided in favor of such an action to impress the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, who has written her name on the birth certificates of all her children.

There is another version. That the couple did so in honor of the memory of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, who is listed on her birth certificate as “Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales”. However, representatives of the royal family have issued an official statement, which excludes the truth of both rumors mentioned above.

“Changes in public documents in 2019 were determined by the castle, which is confirmed by the documents of high-ranking officials. Neither the Duchess of Sussex nor the Duke of Sussex requested it, “the official said.

To see how this British tabloid and so-called “experts” cunningly try to present it as a “resentment” of the family and assume that the Duchess inexplicably wants to remain anonymous on her child’s birth certificate or any other legal document would be ridiculous unless offensive, ”stated in an official statement from both spouses.

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Archie, the son of Megan and Harry, was born on May 6, 2019. The birth certificate was registered on May 7, with the two names given to Megan by her parents.

Changes to the official document were made on 5 June.

Megan’s first name is Rachel, but when she began her career as an actress, the star of the series “Suits” decided to use only her last name along with her second name.

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