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In addition to watching the live broadcast, in the fight or calling the message, fans always have a variety of ways to support their favorite Vtuber, which is to participate in the game with Vtuber, and even create a little surprise. As everyone knows, “Tetris 99” (TETRIS 99) is an online duel that supports 99 players. Many Vtubers are also occasionally open for fans to participate. Recently, many fans have noticed that there are many expert players. The “love” piled up in the game is amazing.

Speaking of “Tetris 99” (TETRIS 99), most fans who like the Vtuber community know that Hololive zero-term student “Star Street Comet” is a master of “Tetris 99”, she can even do multiple tasks with a relaxed attitude While smashing bricks, chat with fans at the same time.

Yes, more and more fans have begun to notice that in the live broadcast of “Tetris 99” by Star Comet, players can often find a special way of playing “love” in the game.

This kind of thing does not only happen to the comet of Star Street. Other hololive members such as “Akai Xin” or the first-term Indonesian “Airani Iofifteen” (Iofi|イオフィ for short) have previously broadcasted “Tetris 99”, and they have also encountered master fans. Pile up love during the game.

What’s more powerful is that these players will not be out immediately after they pile up their love, and most of them can last a long time. It can be seen that the ability to eliminate bricks is quite high.

In fact, after the launch of “Tetris 99”, many players tried to pile up love. Unlike other older or other versions of “Tetris” in the past, the main way in “Tetris 99” is to use the color to be fixed as The pink “Z”-shaped squares can be used, and they can even be stacked into “color hearts” after familiarity.

This method of stacking bricks is mainly divided into two forms, one is to start stacking from the bottom, and the other is to freely stack the bricks first, and wait until the time comes (there are plural Z blocks in order) before starting in the middle section, no matter which one needs to be quite deep The skills of the average player need a long time to practice before they can do it.

Although it is difficult to trace back when the gameplay of Pile of Love in “Tetris” started, it is certain that some players tried to use the cubes of “Tetris” for pixel painting a long time ago.

In other words, just a simple spell of love seems to be a relatively simple technique.

In any case, during the live broadcast of the game through Vtuber, it is also a great pleasure for people to discover that there are various new gameplay hidden in the game.

Next time if you also join “Tetris 99”, you might as well try to create a perfect love while others are desperately eliminating bricks.


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