Surprise in Japan: they found a car at the bottom of the sea

From the earthquake and after tsunami that shook Japan in 2011 its effects can still be seen. In the last days a car found at the bottom of the sea and it made clear the forcefulness of that natural phenomenon that left more than 15,000 dead.

The vehicle, owned by Yasushi Komatsu, lay in the depths of the ocean and was seen by a group of divers who carried out their usual exercises in the vicinity of the fishing port of Ofunato, in the northeast of the country, according to the Japanese agency Kyodo News.

According to the account of the driver of the vehicle, on the day of the tsunami he had driven to his parents’ house and as soon as he parked he was surprised by the water. Komatsu also said that at that time another car and the family home they were swept away by the violent advance of the sea.

Japan: they found a car at the bottom of the sea – Source: Youtube

It’s about a Volkswagen Golf, whose patent had been found last January and when comparing that data and recent images it was recognized by the owner. “They are wheels made to measure by Volkswagen Motors. This is definitely my car, ”Komatsu assured.

The discovery occurred at 18 meters below sea level And, from the images captured by the divers, the vehicle is already part of the aquatic ecosystem: it is covered with seaweed and different species of fish and mollusks were housed in its structure.

For this reason and because it is not planned to tow or surface, Komatsu said it will take diving courses to be able to see personally what his old vehicle was before the natural disaster.

The earthquake that struck Japan, and was felt on several Pacific coasts, was of magnitude 9.1 on the Richter scale and caused waves of up to 40 meters.


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