Surprise: Jorge Lorenzo as a masked singer / MotoGP

The three-time MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo dedicates himself to hidden talents after saying goodbye to the GP stage: In the Spanish edition of “The Masked Singer” he made it to the final. Yesterday his raven mask fell.

In his first and last year as a Yamaha test driver, Jorge Lorenzo hardly spent any time on the racetrack, instead he climbed the TV stage – as a singer. In a raven costume, he made it to the final in the Spanish “Mask Singer”, which was broadcast on Antena 3 on Wednesday evening.

The five-time motorcycle world champion impressed with his Darbietung von “Most Beautiful Thing”, an Italian love song by Eros Ramazzotti. In the end, however, the 33-year-old Mallorcan came fourth.

“What an experience to sing ‘Mask Singer’ under the raven mask. I am proud to have made it to the final, ”Jorge reported to his fans shortly afterwards from his vacation in Dubai.

By the way: Not only the Italian-language singing was an indication of who was wearing the bird costume. “Thanks to my father’s care, the day came when I flapped my wings on my first flight. From that moment on I couldn’t stop flying ”, was one of the first clues.

Among other things, it was also known that the “raven” associates his best memories with the samba rhythm – an allusion to Lorenzo’s first GP victory in the 125cc class in Rio in 2003.


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