Surprise offer on the Macbook Air! Amazon lowers $ 149 for this device

Take advantage of this offer from Apple as soon as possible (Photo: Apple).

Apple rarely downgrades its products, so when you see a great deal, be prepared to catch it on the fly.

At this time, you can take the Apple MacBook Air (principios de 2020) for $ 850, or what is the same, with a discount of $ 149. This is the lowest price we have ever seen on this gem!

What makes it great? With a fast onboard Intel Core i3 Dual-Core (10th Gen) processor, 8GB of memory, 256GB of internal storage, and the latest version of MacOS Catalina, we’re talking about a true technological beast.

But what truly differentiates MacBook Air from previous models is its new and improved Magic keyboard. Previously, Apple used a “butterfly-style” keyboard that was inaccurate and slippery. That was one of the big complaints from users, but in 2020, Apple introduced new, more comfortable “scissor-style” keys that make typing more precise.

Use this Apple MacBook Air for work, play, and whatever you want (Photo: Apple).

Use this Apple MacBook Air for work, play, and whatever you want (Photo: Apple).

“The screen is nice. The Magic keyboard works very well and is a definite improvement over the previous butterfly mechanism, “writes a happy user who gave it a five star rating. “Using it daily to browse, watch Netflix, Zoom video calls, and prepare presentations, chances are you will never hear the fan or feel the bottom of the keyboard get hot.”

Even Windows 10 users are switching to Mac due to its ease of use and the wide range of apps available, more than 1.8 million compared to the more than 669,000 available in the Microsoft Store.

“The battery has a spectacular autonomy”, says a fan. “I can take it with me and use it all day without any problems. The performance is incredible. It turns any Windows laptop around a thousand times. For most people, this will be the ideal laptop. With a basic Mac you get results excellent “.

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