Surprise, the Korean series “My Secret Terrius” predicted the Corona virus two years ago

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In a strange surprise, the series “My Secret Terrius “The Korean, who was introduced in 2018, to the Corona virus, in the 10th episode of the series, specifically in the 53rd minute, where a video that spread with strength on social networking sites revealed the moment of the detection of a new virus, targeting the respiratory system, and revealed in a screenshot The series is a manipulated virus that kills 90% of humanity.

a series My Secret Terrius The Korean, available on the Netflix network, released one season, it contained 32 episodes, the duration of which was one hour.

a series My Secret Terrius, rolling around Go Ae Rin She is a single mother involved in a spy war after her husband unexpectedly lost, lives in the apartment in front of Kim Boon, Kim Boon, and his code name Terios, is a legendary black operations agent for the National Intelligence Service (NIS), Who disappeared without a trace, losing the woman he loved, and since then Kim Boon hid in his apartment, next to Go Ae RinIsolated from the world around him and living in secrecy, trying to uncover the mystery behind what happened at that time, but when a mysterious accident occurs in which a husband dies Go Ae RinThe pair work to uncover a massive conspiracy involving a husband Go Ae Rin.

There is also a new partnership for Netflix World, between the producing network and the company UpperRoom Productions, Owned by Nigerian British actor and producer John Buega, a movie hero Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, As the two companies are working on producing a list of non-English speaking African films, and this comes after Netflix cooperated with a Nigerian crew to work on a six-part drama series, according to the report published on the website ” screendaily“.

The company will develop projects based on stories, actors, characters, crew, literary texts, myths, scenarios, and other elements in or around African countries, with a focus on West and East Africa.



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