Surprise! The new WipEout will not be playable on PS5

In 1995, the British studio Psygnosis launched a certain WipEout, a futuristic racing game in which the player slips into the skin of a pilot of ultra-fast anti-gravity vessels, and which is moreover armed. Immediate success for WipEout, which will be available in various episodes, including WipEout 2097 or WipEout 64, exclusively for the Nintendo console. From 1999 and Wip3out, the saga will become exclusive to the PlayStation ecosystem.

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A new WipEout… on iOS and Android!

A saga whose last real opus remains WipEout 2048, launched in 2012 on PlayStation Vita. Suffice to say that fans are waiting for a real new episode, even if the WipEout Omega Collection compilation has delighted more than one player on PS4 in 2017. Today, Rogue Games formalizes the one we all expected, with the all new WipEout Rush. An unprecedented episode that may surprise more than one title… since the game will not be launched on PS5.

The game will not be offered on Xbox consoles, nor even on Nintendo Switch… but on mobiles. Indeed, WipEout Rush is an episode developed specifically for our smartphones, whether they are powered by iOS or Android. Suffice to say that those who thought to reconnect with their passion for futuristic racing in 4K / HDR with their DualSense in hand may be very disappointed …

Still, this WipEout Rush will offer a full single player mode, with a dozen championships to win, five different environments and no less than 60 different ship models, including the legendary Feisar of course. A mobile episode (which will run at 60 fps on adapted smartphones) which adopts a tactile gameplay of course, but also a brand new comic book look, with small cutscenes that are reminiscent of the manual of a certain F-Zero on Super Nintendo. Release scheduled for early 2022.

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