Surprise winner at ultra running in Steyr

2023-09-19 21:10:02

The 16th Stadtgut Steyr Ultra Run ended on Saturday with a winner that no one expected. The race, which was characterized by high temperatures, brought a surprise winner with the 20-year-old Elias Gatterer from Klagenfurt. He won his ultra-running debut in Steyr with a strong 72.13 kilometers, clearly ahead of all the favorites around national champion Alexander Weiß (LG Kirchdorf). Elias Gatterer, a name to remember in the ultrarunning scene: He only has a marathon and a half-Ironman on his list of endurance sports. Now there is the big victory at the Stadtgut Steyr Ultra Running Event 2023. Until recently he was a footballer at SK Austria Klagenfurt, the youngster ran a race like an old hand. At the halfway point of the race, Gatterer was more than two laps behind the leaders. But he was the only one able to keep his pace, and just 90 minutes later he had caught up with the leader Alexander Weiß, was able to pass without resistance and extend his lead to more than one lap by the end. What a triumph.

Josy Simon’s world record of 42.2 kilometers for people over 90 fell victim to the sweaty temperatures. The model athlete still ran an incredible 39.9 kilometers in Steyr and was proud of his performance instead of being disappointed that he didn’t break the record this time. Ilse Fritz from the organizer ASKÖ Laufwunder Steyr became the overall six-hour run winner and Upper Austrian state champion with a strong 60.6 kilometers.

For the first time, the OÖLV held state championships in ultra running. Alexander Weiß (LG Kirchdorf) became national champion ahead of Dietmar Korntner (SK VÖEST) and Michael Neundlinger (ASKÖ Laufwunder Steyr). The hosts from Steyr could not be beaten in the women’s national championship. Behind Fritz, Silke Danninger (LAC Amateure Steyr) and Susanna Zelenka (ASKÖ Laufwunder Steyr) took second and third place. The title in the team ranking also went to the organizing club from Steyr. (dmf)


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