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[New Tang Dynasty News from August 27, 2021, Beijing time]Hello, everyone, and welcome to the “News Story Surprise”. I’m Daewoo.

Today’s focus: Kabul bombed the US military and died. Biden was expensive. Why did the bombers choose the “Barron Hotel”; Beijing thought carefully: it would not allow the US to withdraw its troops; the stage would be involved in communism, and 52% of Americans would like military aid to Taiwan; Hunan Shouting the parade to resist vaccination; the CCP rushed to put out the fire for “forced donation”.

The U.S. Army and its allies in AfghanistanKabul AirportThe evacuation operation is under intense tension, but a large number of people still need to be evacuated. Biden rejected the unanimous request of his allies and no longer extended the evacuation period. He insisted on completing the evacuation on August 31, evacuating all the U.S. troops, leaving no one behind.Now there are only a few days left, so as the only one in Afghanistan who can escapeTalibanThe airport of the reign of terror, controlled by the U.S. military and alliesKabul Airport, Is in unprecedented busyness, there are so many people inside and outside.

This is a moment that can be recorded in the annals of history, not glorious but full of sorrow at the same time.Biden is experiencing the greatest political pressure since January of this year.TalibanThe first moment he regained power, he called on him to step down. On August 25, another major incident outside Kabul Airport shocked the world once again, and even shocked the U.S. government and opposition.

[KabulatleastthreetimesadaySuicide bombing At least 12 U.S. troops died]

On the day of August 25, in the southeast corner of Kabul Airport, someone suddenly opened fire at the crowd with guns, followed by two huge explosions. These were two suicide bombing attacks. In an instant, gunpowder was everywhere, with severed limbs. The blood and fire intertwined into the most horrible picture, which is said to be horrible, but all of this sudden, people at the scene may still be blank in their minds.

The nearby crowds who were not directly affected by the explosion quickly shook their heads and ran aimlessly in the opposite direction. This adds another tragic scene to the Afghan sentient beings who are fleeing from the Taliban.

The explosions occurred at the Abbey Gate and Baron Hotel at Kabul Airport. Gen. Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command, quoted statistics from the local public health department in Afghanistan. According to the figures, told the media on the afternoon of August 25, Eastern Time, that two explosions are known to have caused more than 60 deaths and at least 140 injuries.

Among them, what is most unacceptable to the American public is that in the explosion, 12 American soldiers were killed and 15 American soldiers were injured. This once again became a shame for the Americans after the fall of Afghanistan, and it was also an unacceptable additional loss of personnel. Biden’s promise of “the evacuation will be carried out in a safe and orderly manner” has once again vanished.

The Abby Gate area where the explosion occurred was crowded with people. The attack here was probably a car bomb. The other explosion site, Baron Hotel, is a 160-room hostel, which may have been attacked by suicide bombers. Extremists will tie powerful explosives to themselves, mix them into the crowd, and detonate them in crowded places.

The Barron Hotel claims on its website that it is the safest hotel in Kabul. The reason for saying this is that it is less than one mile from Kabul Airport, within the security buffer zone of the airport, and close to the home of ISAF. It is precisely because of this confidence in security that the Barron Hotel has become the acceptance center for Afghan refugees applying for escaping in the last two weeks. At the same time, it is also a gathering place for American citizens who want to evacuate from Afghanistan. Last week, there was just a gathering here. 169 American citizens were connected to the airport by a US military helicopter.

Movie lines often say that the more dangerous the place is, the safer it is. Sometimes this can be said the other way around, that is, the safer the place is, the more dangerous it is. The Barron Hotel became the target of the terrorist attackers on August 25. It is clear that the attackers wanted to cause a large number of American casualties.

General MacKenzie of the Central Command also told the media that after the two explosions, the U.S. military began investigating the attackers and continued to investigate any potential more threats of attacks around the airport, except for suicide bombers wearing bomb vests. There may also be rocket attacks, bomb car attacks, and so on.

However, it didn’t take long before another explosion occurred in Kabul, and it was the third explosion in Kabul today. A Taliban vehicle touched a bomb while driving in the center of Kabul, causing a violent explosion, and all nearby buildings felt shocked.

ISISIs the Taliban really innocent to fight the Taliban Meta “united” to deploy the airport? 】

In the bombing in Kabul on August 25, in addition to the casualties of American soldiers, there were also Afghan refugees, American citizens, and even Taliban militants who applied to flee. People may wonder whether the explosion was caused by the Taliban. But why did the Taliban do it themselves, and why the Taliban were in danger in the explosion?

Therefore, according to the public information currently available to the outside world, the biggest suspicion of the bombing incident comes from the Islamic terrorist organization.ISIS, This organization has also claimed responsibility for the incident. And it is a bit surprising that ISIS is also targeting the Taliban in addition to the US military this time, at least that’s what their statement said. This is tantamount to infighting among Islamic extremist organizations.

The British “Guardian” reported that ISIS believes that the Taliban is an organization that betrays Islam. Because the Taliban is engaged in peace talks with the United States, ISIS portrays the Taliban as an “agent” of the United States and criticizes the Taliban’s Islamic faith as “deficient.” .

Therefore, ISIS claims that it is preparing another so-called attack, and the target is the “Taliban” who is back in power in Afghanistan. The appearance of this situation makes the outside world feel dumbfounded. From this, we can find that ISIS is a more extreme Islamic terrorist organization, and it seems that it will not have any room for compromise with the United States.

However, some people also asked whether the explosion was allowed by the Taliban. Is ISIS cooperating with the Taliban in acting?

Regarding this question, General Mackenzie of the US Central Command was also asked by reporters, and he answered this way.

Mackenzie explained that the Taliban hoped that the U.S. military would withdraw before August 31, and the U.S. military also agreed, saying that the two sides have common goals. As long as the common goals exist, the two sides have a tacit understanding on this point. The Taliban are also in a certain degree. Reduce the security concerns of the US military. Inside the Kabul Airport, there is now a heavy line of defense set up by the British and American troops, and outside the airport is a large siege by Taliban militants. In this regard, it may be a threat to some Afghans who want to evacuate, or they may be blocked by the Taliban.

The Taliban usually only allow people with foreign passports to enter, but it is not ruled out that some Afghans who escaped renunciation, burrow in tunnels, climb sewers, and enter the airport. Oh, anyway, they are free to drill and want to leave, but through these ” There are very few “special passages” entering the airport. On the other hand, the Taliban surrounding the airport is also an agreement reached with the US military to ensure that the airport is not excessively impacted to a certain extent, at least its existence has become a barrier. MacKenzie may be speaking from this perspective, saying that the Taliban have reduced the security concerns of the US military.

In short, the American general did not believe that the Taliban participated in the bombing. The Taliban’s response was also intriguing. Taliban spokespersons actually publicly condemned the terrorist attack. Their spokesman Mujahid said on Twitter: The Taliban firmly condemned the attack on civilians at Kabul Airport. It’s just that he deliberately added a few words in front of the Kabul Airport, saying that it was the Kabul Airport “controlled by the US military,” which meant that the incident was caused by the failure of the US military to take care of it, and the Taliban were not responsible.

If I didn’t look at the names of the people who spoke on Twitter, I would really think it was a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese Communist Party. I don’t know if Mujahid returned from studying in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese Communist Party. But in any case, the Taliban condemned the bombing attacks on August 25, and also said that measures should be taken against the corresponding criminal groups. That may refer to the ISIS terrorist organization, but these two extremist organizations openly merged. Thinking about this now, it is still a bit weird. But the two sides did fight each other before.

[The ISIS branch is causing the countries to notify the diaspora to stay away from the airport by helicopter]

In detail, the attack was carried out by the ISIS branch in Afghanistan. The codename of this branch is ISIS-K, and the media usually call it “ISIS Great Khorasan Branch.” This ISIS-K has long issued threats of attack. Biden said that he insisted that all troops be withdrawn on time on August 31. The reason is that ISIS-K will launch terrorist attacks against the U.S. military and other people at the Kabul airport. But even so, this The attack came early.

Before the explosion on the 25th, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and NATO headquarters all issued emergency notices to the expatriates or Afghan refugees who wanted to enter the airport and evacuate outside Kabul Airport, asking them not to approach Kabul Airport because they had already With more reliable information, terrorists are already ready to move, and it is no longer safe outside Kabul Airport.

But there are still a large number of people to be evacuated, what should we do? Therefore, the U.S. military and allies changed their methods. While denying crowds close to the airport and closing the airport’s surroundings, they sent a large number of helicopters directly to the Kabul city to pick up people, and even to the assembly points in other cities and towns in Afghanistan, to transport them batch by batch. Those who have been airlifted include American citizens, permanent residents, and people with special U.S. visas, such as Afghan refugees who are in urgent need of evacuation.

[Thousands of Americans left over 100,000 people who were evacuated, and some were doing business and bidding to save people]

From August 14 to Thursday, August 25, more than 14,000 civilians have been evacuated, of which 66,000 were evacuated by the US military, and more than 37,000 were assisted by British and Australian allies. Evacuate. However, US Secretary of State Blincoln said on the 24th that there are still at least 1,500 Americans scattered across Afghanistan and have not been evacuated.

By the 25th, this number had been reduced to 1,000, but it became more complicated as it went on. Among these 1,000 U.S. citizens, there were various situations. Not all of them are in Kabul, many of them are outside of Kabul. Some people are looking for ways to evacuate; some people find it difficult to get in touch with others; some people have contacted, but express their willingness to stay in Afghanistan if they don’t leave. There are at least dozens of people like this; there are others who help Old and young, can’t bear to abandon the Afghan fathers and elders who come to ask for help. They want to try to take people away. This is full of American heroism and romance, but at such a critical moment, people feel that they don’t know what to say.

Therefore, this complicated situation has also brought great difficulties to the rescue and evacuation in the last few days. In addition to the attack on the 25th, some sources have told Fox News that it is likely that Americans will be left behind. Afghanistan.

But not all Americans are willing to be heroes in vain. There is also such a wonderful thing. At the tense moment of evacuation, they saw business opportunities and started trading.

Erik Prince, the former founder of the U.S. Blackwater Company, who had a bad reputation before, launched a spy service to withdraw from Afghanistan in Afghanistan. He said that he could assemble arms and carry out rescue operations, but clearly marked the price and rescued one. People, it costs US$6,500, and you can find a way to save you by giving the money. For very few wealthy people in Afghanistan, this may really be an option. But many people are already scolding Prince for making a disaster.

In fact, non-governmental humanitarian aid organizations in Western countries have been operating these days. They use wallets to leave Afghanistan with people who need to be evacuated. Unlike Prince, they are free.

From the US military to the former boss of the professional mercenary company “Blackwater”, to Western NGOs, there are so many people, no matter how they are put together, they are all looking for people from Afghanistan. That’s it, time is far away. Not enough, it will be there on August 31st. And one more thing must be considered, that is, the retreat as of the 31st will not only evacuate civilians, but also the armed forces of various countries. It would take three days for all countries to withdraw by themselves.

Therefore, basically by August 27 and 28, the civilian evacuation task has to be completed. In the next few days, the armed forces of various countries will begin to withdraw. At that time, many civilians want to withdraw, and they may not be able to take care of them, and they may be attacked. Hidden dangers. So now Kabul is trying to save people, and the situation is very urgent.

But in fact, if there is a better pre-strategic arrangement, this will not be the case.

[Evacuation should not shake Washington after the death of US troops at Kabul Airport]

Nathan Sales, a counter-terrorism official in the Trump (Trump) administration, told the media that the U.S. military shouldn’t have abandoned Bagram Air Base, which is north of Kabul. More than 30 miles away, it is still a military facility in a remote area. It is a completely different existence from the Kabul Airport in a densely populated area. The Bagram Air Force Base has been the center of the US military’s anti-terrorism operations in Afghanistan for many years. .

If the final evacuation is arranged there, a lot of confusion can be avoided. Moreover, in such places, it will be easier for the US military to defend, and it will be more difficult for terrorists to make arrangements for secret attacks.

Then, after the explosion in Kabul on August 25, the Biden administration immediately cancelled all activities, including the White House press conference, Biden’s meeting with the US governor, and Biden’s meeting with the Israeli prime minister. The delegation led by the Prime Minister had to return to the hotel in Washington DC to wait for the new meeting schedule. The press conferences of the State Department and the Pentagon were also postponed one after another to sort out materials for new explosions and prepare statements to the media.

[Republicans urge Biden to step down and take over are not a fuel-efficient lamp]

Trump in the United States issued a written statement before Biden, saying that he and Melania deeply mourned the passing of American soldiers. This tragedy shouldn’t have happened, and it made people sadder and more difficult to understand. Hope God bless America. Trump’s statement is very brief. Although Biden is not mentioned, the criticism is already in it.

In the U.S. Republican Party, many people began to call for Biden to resign or be impeached, including Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Congressman Elise Stefanik, and Rep. Ronny. Jackson and others also began to call for Biden to step down.

However, Nikki Haley, who served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during Trump’s administration, raised a realistic question. She said that because of the improper handling of Afghan affairs, Biden should step down, but according to the order of succession, he was succeeded by Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) is the one named “He Jinli” in Chinese. Nikki Haley said that if Harris came to power, the situation would be ten times worse!

The above is the reaction of some Republicans.


Biden himself also gave a televised speech at 5 pm Eastern time on August 25. He first observed a silence and then condoned the families of the dead American soldiers. Then a few important points were raised.

First, he said that he was willing to take responsibility for everything that happened recently, and emphasized that he never believed that American soldiers should die for the establishment of an Afghan democratic government, continue to defend his withdrawal, and continue to believe that the end of the battle lasted for 20 years. The year of war is at the right time;

Second, Biden said that he is already studying a plan to strike against ISIS-K, and that they will have to pay the price;

Third, he said that the evacuation operation will proceed as scheduled and will not be affected by the terrorist attacks. If the US troops in Afghanistan need to increase their manpower, he will also support them. In addition, if there are Afghans holding US visas, after 8 If I still want to withdraw on the 31st, we will also consider assistance.

Presumably, these few remarks by Biden will still attract polarized evaluations. Unlike the Taliban regaining power on August 15th, this time the U.S. ruling and opposition parties are more angry. Biden’s remarks may not be enough. The role of “fire fighting”. The series of events in Afghanistan may still have a great political cost to him. Just after Biden’s speech, the White House responded to the Republican Party’s call for Biden to resign. The Biden team replied: This is not the time to talk about politics. Don’t look at this sentence is very short, but it is estimated that they came up with it after careful consideration.

On the same day on the 25th, the US media broke the news that there seemed to be a controversial move between the US military and the Taliban regarding cooperation with the Kabul Airport. In order to allow the Taliban who besieged the airport, the U.S. military gave the Taliban a long list of people who needed to enter the airport. The names of U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and those who received U.S. visas in Afghanistan were criticized. , Gave the Taliban a “hunting list”, which poses great security risks. U.S. lawmakers and some military personnel are now being held accountable for this detail.

No matter what kind of temporary cooperation is provided for the time being, the Taliban hope that the U.S. military will go. However, there is a faction that does not want the U.S. military to go. This may surprise some friends.

[U.S. troops withdraw from Beijing panicked? Bandits and gangsters can’t cooperate]

Trump administration adviser Christian Whiton told Fox News that, regardless of the CCP’s wooing of the Taliban, in fact, the CCP is the most reluctant to leave the U.S. military. Wheaton said that the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi advertised in early August that the U.S. withdrawal is irresponsible and cannot go away. This actually reveals the reality that the existence of the U.S. military has stabilized the situation in Afghanistan. In the past 20 years The CCP is the beneficiary and is reaping the benefits. With the security of the US military, the CCP took the opportunity to develop the “Belt and Road” initiative, and also carried out many commercial projects or transactions in Afghanistan.

When the Taliban comes to power, the CCP may have to learn to get along with the Taliban. However, the Taliban is only one faction in Islam, and there are different factions in Islam. The CCP’s policy in Xinjiang cannot make all Muslims willing to turn a blind eye. Some Muslim factions may be dissatisfied and may train armed forces. The CCP was worried about the fact that elements entered Xinjiang and launched terrorist operations.

In other words, according to Wheaton, even if the CCP can control the Taliban, many complex Islamic forces have different needs, grievances, and origins. It is difficult to balance them. The US military has worked hard in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Ten years, it has not been done yet, and it is equally difficult for the CCP.

Especially now that ISIS has emerged from the Islamic extremist forces and can’t make it to the Taliban. Then you say whether the CCP should openly affectionate with the Taliban. This may continue to be a problem. You unilaterally make love to the Taliban, which may cause trouble. Therefore, Wheaton also said that the CCP is very worried about the war between Muslims.

It is precisely that the US military was in Afghanistan before, which provided a security barrier to the benefit of the CCP fisherman. But now that the US military is gone, for the CCP, interaction with the Taliban may be both opportunities and dangers.

The CCP does not dare to provoke a real gangster or bandit, because it is such a role. Of course, it knows that gangsters who do not follow their routines will cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, the CCP should not dare to act rashly against these forces. But the CCP itself is treating other neighboring countries and playing the role of terrorists.

[Japan is alert to the CCP drone station, General Samsung involved in the communist spy, 52% of the Americans are willing to aid the Taiwan Strait]

On August 25, the Ministry of Defense of Japan said that on the 24th, it was the first time that a Chinese drone crossed the Miyako Strait and flew to the Pacific, including three intelligence-gathering aircraft and patrol aircraft. Therefore, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces rushed into the air. . Japan has been guarding against the CCP’s expansion attempts.

In addition, the CCP does have the intention of seeking Taiwan, and it is infiltrating Taiwan in all directions.The Taiwan media reported a few days ago that Zhang Zheping, the former deputy defense minister of Taiwan, had been approached by the espionage organization in an attempt to absorb him. On the 25th, Taiwan media broke the news again that the retired second-level general of the Taiwan Air Force, Shen Guozhen, was also espionage. Locked, infiltrated, and Shen Guozhen himself has traveled to the mainland many times. He also went to Beijing in 2016 to listen to the scene in the Great Hall.Xi JinpingThe speech once aroused strong attention. At present, Zhang Zheping and Shen Guozhen, who have been revealed to be suspected of being infiltrated by the espionage, are both Samsung generals in Taiwan, so this matter will not be trivial. Moreover, the news indicated that the case also involved some other Taiwanese retired generals. However, Shen Guozhen totally denies that he intends to get close to the CCP for all kinds of questions about his motives for going to the mainland.

The CCP’s persecution and threats to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places have increasingly aroused international resentment. The Chicago Council of the United States conducted a public opinion survey this year and found that 52% of Americans support sending US troops to help Taiwan when a war breaks out in the Taiwan Strait. This is more anti-war today, and more than half of the people support military support for Taiwan. , It is not easy. Most of the other data in the opinion polls are also quite favorable for Taiwan.

[The Chinese Communist Party says that the “three distributions” are not forced to donate and compulsory vaccination causes Hunanese to apply for demonstrations]

Therefore, the CCP should not dare to launch a war of aggression against Taiwan. Moreover, its own economy is currently experiencing frequent problems, and it is considering a variety of exotic solutions with CCP characteristics. On August 17th, a meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee was held. It mentioned common prosperity and three-time distribution. As we have introduced to you in the previous program, it is actually the CCP “forcing donations” and asking the rich for money.

Tencent donated 50 billion yuan before, which is equivalent to contributing its own income for a year. How can there be such a donation, so the outside world thinks that this is spending money to eliminate disasters, responding to the “three distributions”. However, the CCP may be worried about the bad influence of public opinion, so Han Wenxiu, director of the CCP’s Finance Office, deliberately “justified” when answering a reporter’s question on August 26 that the “three distributions” are voluntary and not mandatory. They are through charitable donations, not killings. Rich and poor.

However, just two days ago, China’s e-commerce business put a lot of effort and donated another 10 billion yuan, said to be donated to China’s agricultural and rural areas. For the Chinese, that is too much understanding of the CCP’s approach. It is always about freedom, democracy, fairness and willingness, and forcing victims to cooperate in acting is actually “compulsory” or not, everyone knows. The CCP still has elections, and there are voting, but everyone knows the result when everyone does not vote. As for your vote, it’s just a waste of paper.

The CCP also said that vaccinations are voluntary, butXi JinpingAn internal order was issued to complete the vaccination of 1.1 billion people in China by the end of October. Now, in order to complete the target, governments at various levels are forcing people to be vaccinated. Many places have introduced punishments. Those who refuse to be beaten cannot go to school or work. Some people are not allowed to go out of home and go to public places.

Cheng Xiaofeng, a citizen of Zhuzhou, Hunan, submitted an “Application for Protests against Mandatory Vaccination in Disguised Form” to the local Public Security Bureau on August 24, which attracted the attention of overseas media. The CCP Constitution allows people to assemble and march, but the CCP does not allow it, but never Will approve. The probability of Cheng Xiaofeng’s application being approved is almost zero, but there are still many people who know the news and applaud his brave behavior.

Now, there are some problems with all kinds of vaccines on the market, especially the CCP vaccines.

[Modena recalls 1.63 million doses of Japanese vaccine found in “metal pieces”]

But in Japan, there has been a special news recently. Several localities have reported that they have found particulate foreign bodies in the US Modena vaccine they are preparing to administer. There have been reports in Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture and other places. Modena has recalled 1.63 million doses for this. In the case of vaccines in Japan, officials from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare told the media that the particulate foreign matter in the vaccine looks black or brown, and may be “metal flakes.” Modena’s explanation is that this batch of vaccines may have been contaminated when they were produced in a factory in Spain. But as of now, there is no specific statement.

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