Survey – Construction turnover breaks records


On Wednesday, the Swiss Society of Entrepreneurs released its results for the third quarter of 2021. And the results are pleasing to say the least.

Construction is going well at the end of the year.

Jean-Paul Guinnard

This is an exceptional result recorded by Swiss entrepreneurs in the third quarter, according to a press release from the Swiss Society of Entrepreneurs (SSE). This is the highest quarterly turnover for at least 30 years, indicates this quarterly survey. Since the start of the year, nearly 6,500 jobs have been created in the sector.

Part of this growth can be explained by rising construction prices. Next year, however, employment and turnover should return to normal. Employment reached some 91,500 positions at the end of September. That is a high for almost 20 years.

In 2020, the intake of orders fell sharply.

In 2020, the intake of orders fell sharply.

Swiss Society of Entrepreneurs

“Temporary phenomenon”

The Swiss Society of Entrepreneurs, however, speaks of “exceptional and catch-up effects” to explain this boom. She speaks of a “temporary phenomenon”. Construction is expected to stabilize at a lower level thereafter. “It is not certain that the level of employment can be maintained in the long term”, explains the SSE. For the last quarter, this sector should reach 6 billion francs. This year’s turnover would then return to the record level of 2019, or even exceed it.

According to the SSE, the last eighteen months have been weak in terms of turnover, marked by the health crisis and the considerable rise in the prices of building materials. In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the entry of orders had indeed fallen sharply.


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