Survivor of the Covid-19, the mayor of Châtillon-sur-Loire finds his elected chair

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“I can’t wait to find the town hall and all my team”, testifies this “survivor” of the Covid-19, as he describes himself. On Wednesday, the septuagenarian, reelected in the first round, will hold the first City Council of his fifth term. “We have plans: first finish the works in the city center, then quickly launch a museum around a collection of 1,200 cameras that a resident has left us,” he says, eager to find a public life.

Three days after having held a polling station in Châtillon-sur-Loire (Loiret) on March 15, Emmanuel Rat was hospitalized in a state deemed serious at the CHR of Orleans. His first assistant, Gérard Galfano, followed him a few days apart, since recovered.

The septuagenarian mayor, fragile of the lungs, was quickly intubated and placed in a coma, first fifteen days, before thinning for three days, then again four days. “I came close to death, but I had the fierce will to return, to see my wife, my children, my grandchildren and great grandchildren,” said Emmanuel Rat.

The second round scheduled for June 28, “it’s very good”

When he woke up on April 8, he had lost track of time. The stay in a sterile room, without seeing anyone, but also the physical weakness and the pain “have straightened the labels”, he jokes today.

During these eight weeks of hospitalization, Emmanuel Rat lived in isolation. “The slightest gesture from caregivers becomes important. They have been great. On April 26, my 71st birthday, I was offered a chocolate chip brioche. I savored it, ”he continues.

Regarding the government’s decision on the second round of the municipal elections on June 28, this survivor has no hesitation: “We must vote as soon as possible, in order to put an end to the uncertainty and advance our institutions. June 28 is great. ” For health security, he affirms: “There are less risks in a polling station than in a large area”.


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