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The Minister of Government (Interior) of Ecuador, Patricio Pazmiño, announced this Wednesday that a suspect related to the murder of television presenter Efraín Ruales, last January, has been arrested. (Read here: TV presenter Efraín Ruales is murdered)

At a press conference, Pazmiño indicated that today, as part of the investigation of the crime, the arrest of Álvaro Bolívar Cagua Andrade, known by the alias of Alvarito, and who is related to the vehicle in which it was perpetrated. the shooting murder of the presenter.

According to the minister, the detainee “would have been in the vehicle” that chased and shot Ruales on January 27 in the north of the coastal city of Guayaquil.

The minister also indicated that investigators have found the weapon that is presumed to have been used by the hitmen in the murder of Ruales, although he noted that expert actions are still awaited to confirm this hypothesis.

According to the authorities, this crime would be related to a criminal organization and the action of hitmen, so the investigation becomes more complicated, since these mafias avoid leaving evidence that could contribute to the clarification of the facts.

On February 5, the minister himself reported the arrest of two other people allegedly related to the case and said that, in addition, “indications associated with the fact” were obtained.

The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) asked the Government of Ecuador at the end of last January to expeditiously investigate the murder of the television presenter.

Ruales, 37, was one of the well-known faces of the Ecuavisa channel, where he entertained programs in the morning and had also acted in Ecuadorian series.

The presenter was attacked by unknown persons when he was traveling in his vehicle in the Juan Tanca Marengo avenue sector, in the north of Guayaquil, according to the first information that was known about the murder.

According to the IAPA, Ruales “used to report acts of corruption on his social networks” and, already in June 2020, he reported that he had received several threats.

The murder of Ruales was added to the attack perpetrated against the Ecuadorian journalist Marilú Capa, seriously wounded on January 19 in the city of Nueva Loja (Amazon).

Capa, who hosts a morning show on Radio Sucumbíos, was attacked by a man who entered a restaurant he owned and shot her six times.


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