Suspension of links with the United Kingdom, epidemic rebound, yellow vests … most of the news of the weekend

In France

United Kingdom. Following a defense council and like many European countries, Emmanuel Macron decided to stop road, air, sea or rail connections from the United Kingdom for forty-eight hours. In question, the circulation of a variant of the coronavirus, which would be more contagious, in the south-east of the country and in London, which led the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to reconfigure these areas of the country.

Covid. Emmanuel Macron, tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday, presents “A stable state of health” and the results of its clinical and paraclinical examinations “Have proven to be reassuring”, according to the Elysee. The same cannot be said of France, in the throes of an epidemic rebound. The High Authority for Health specifies the vaccination strategy for 2021, concerning the priority given, or not, to people with Down’s syndrome, disabled, pregnant or having already been infected with the coronavirus.

Epstein case. The international scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual exploitation of minors in the United States, rebounds in France: the model agent Jean-Luc Brunel, close to the American billionaire who died in 2019 in prison, was imprisoned after his imprisonment. examination in Paris for “rape of minors over 15” and “sexual harassment”. Story.

Yellow vests. Processions bringing together several hundred people, some with a rainbow umbrella like the yellow vest arrested Moun Yolo, marched across France on Saturday against the bill on global security that they judge liberticidal but also more generally against the policy of the government, the mobilization seeming to give signs of exhaustion. Our report in Paris.

5G. The next allocations of frequencies for 5G should not be done without prior assessment of its impact on the environment, recommends Saturday the High Council for the Climate, while Emmanuel Macron refused to postpone the deployment of this technology.

Handball. Euro final: the French lost this Sunday evening (22-20) against Norway, monster of the discipline. According to Eric Baradat, responsible for the high level of women at the federation, the players of Olivier Krumbholz had never had so many arguments, the result of efforts carried out for several years.

In the world

Covid. Turning the screw in Europe: Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria are tightening their system as the holidays approach. Just like the London area, while a new variant of the coronavirus is circulating widely.

United States. In the White House, the tragicomic epilogue of Trump’s reign. The President organized an informal meeting on Friday with his last square of supporters. There was openly mentioned (and rejected) the possibility of imposing martial law to challenge the result of the presidential election.

Central African Republic. The situation is “under control” and the rebels were pushed back to several localities, assured the spokesperson for the UN force in the Central African Republic on Sunday evening, two days after the start of an offensive by three armed groups that the government described as “Coup attempt” before the elections.

Sudan. Two years after the start of the revolution, a protest anniversary. The demonstrations celebrating the end of the Omar al-Bashir regime have highlighted the disappointment of some Sudanese in the transitional government. They denounce the slowness of their leaders, while the country is still mired in an economic crisis.

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Christmas dinner. Attention, subject undermined: family reunions at the end of the year may be agitated by the debates around the coronavirus crisis. French people confide their anxieties to “Liberation”.

Cirque. Miss France, bow out! The ceremony celebrated its 100th anniversary on Saturday evening at Puy-du-Fou. It is up to us that Miss Normandy is the last to play this role from another time, the sustenance of a patriarchate which is struggling to let go. Not to mention the vile anti-Semitic tweets that targeted Miss Provence.

Bahrain. Foreign workers, mostly from Asia, are crowding into small dwellings in the capital of the Gulf Kingdom. Their apartments become hotbeds of contamination, pushing the public authorities to solve this problem of poor housing, ignored for twenty years. Our investigation.

Mayotte. To combat delinquency in the territory, the public authorities appeal to Muslim judges, deprived of their official functions during the departmentalization of the territory in 2011. A strategy supported by many local officials, but which does not necessarily convince young Mahorais . From our special correspondent in Mayotte.

Rungis. The situation of the 1,200 companies in Europe’s largest fresh food market is very mixed according to their degree of dependence on the restaurant business. Review of the pavilions.



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