Suspension of the mask requirement brings relief in the economy

After about two years, the mask requirement is also coming to an end in the food trade. The suspension of the mask requirement brings relief and fairness for all companies, says WKNÖ President Wolfgang Ecker. The mask requirement in the food trade was recently disproportionate. “I am pleased that the corona pandemic is giving our companies and employees a much-needed break. Especially in the food trade, the mask requirement has recently become disproportionate compared to other areas,” says Ecker. Now the Lower Austrian companies could start again.

However, a plan would still be needed for the fall, and according to Ecker, the summer months should be used for this. “We have to use this breathing space and prepare. The coming summer months will give us the opportunity to work out a clear plan so that we can avoid further restrictions,” said the WKNÖ President.

Suspension of the mask requirement “important step”

The end of the mask requirement is an “important and right step”, Franz Kirnbauer, chairman of the trade division, also welcomes the announced suspension of the mask requirement for three months. “Our commercial operations are not where the virus spreads. This is proven by numerous studies,” emphasizes Kirnbauer once again. “Our companies and their employees are finally getting some air to work again.” An “existing injustice” would now finally be eliminated, the Lower Austrian trade chairman continued in a broadcast. In summer in particular, it is important to suspend the obligation to wear a mask – this eliminates the additional burden of physically demanding activities.

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