Suspension Robinson Cano arrival DJ LeMahieu Mets MLB Major League Baseball

The suspension from Robinson Cano shoots the arrival from DJ LeMahieu a Mets from New York to MLB 2021?.

One of the doubts of the Mets to go by Lemahieu this low season 2020 of the Big leagues era Cannon, but the suspension from Robinson by 2021 it could accelerate arrival from DJ to the Metropolitans.

The new ones Mets Steve Cohen’s not only have a $ 15 billion fortune to invest, but are also disappointed with the suspension from Cannon.

The Yankees still renovated to Lemahieu, who wants a meeting with the Bombers (Bronx Mules).

So it would be the ideal time for LeMahieu arrive to the Mets.

Besides Mets, Lemahieu it’s ringing for the Cardinals, Dodgers and Blue Jays.

Lemahieu seeking a $ 100 million or more contract, his 2020 batting championship and MVP nomination back him up.

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