Sustainability: Tommy lands in the “Animal Crossing” universe

Following the trend that points to ever closer ties between the fashion and video game worlds, the American firm Tommy Hilfiger has decided to launch a virtual replica of the collection of its Tommy Hilfiger line for the Autumn / Winter season of 2020 within the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” universe. An initiative that will allow all the players of the popular video game to remodel the wardrobe of their characters incorporating virtual recreations of the brand’s designs. Garments that at the same time can be purchased physically through the video game itself, in what will turn out to be a completely immersive and omnichannel shopping experience. An experience that you can enjoy just by accessing the so-called “Tommy Forest”, a space that will be available — as a free download — for Animal Crossing: New Horizons between December 27 and 29, 2020.

“Tommy Forest is the latest step in Tommy Hilfiger’s commitment to continuously innovate deeply immersive digital shopping experiences for the next generation of consumers,” they explain from the American fashion firm. “In 2016”, they add, the firm “was one of the first brands to broadcast the experience of its catwalk live”, a show that “included the option ‘See Now, Buy Now’”. “Since then, the brand has experimented with an artificial intelligence-powered e-commerce chatbot for Facebook Messenger,” launching “gamified virtual reality experiences,” broadcasting “shopping events” through its online page or partnering “with avatars of social media like Lil Miquela ”.

Some actions that now add a long-term partnership with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A video game that since its launch, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, “has achieved an immense base of players due to its offer of peaceful escapism, stress relief and creative outings from the comfort of home”, and in which the brand It was “the first firm to create its own dedicated space in the game”, in which “more than 40 million players can explore the latest collections of the brand”. Now with this proposal for the 2020/2021 Fall / Winter season, which “will give way to the Spring 2021 collection as the game progresses to spring and summer, allowing players to continue updating their wardrobes according to the season”.

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“Working with Animal Crossing gives us a very clear idea of ​​the world of videogames,” explains the American designer Tommy Hilfiger himself, throughout some statements released from the fashion firm itself. “We have big plans to advance in the field of video games”, in “completely new ways” with which “to keep our brand relevant and eternally young.” “This is just the beginning of the fusion of the digital and virtual worlds with fashion and entertainment,” and “we take pride in being at the forefront of this trend and staying in touch with our customers.” “Our entry into the ‘See Now Buy Now’ was the first step to break into this territory”, so “stay tuned for the next chapters and the evolution” that the firm plans to experience in this field.

An omnichannel (and sustainable) experience in favor of reforestation

In addition to supplying a completely omnichannel and immersive shopping experience, in which the concepts of video games, pop-up and online store merge, the launch of this new “Tommy Forest” space within the Animal Crossing universe brings with it a markedly sustainable nature . Allowing that as part of the same experience, users can contribute to the reforestation of the biosphere, with the firm taking charge of planting a real tree for each virtual tree that their characters plant.

In line like this with their new sustainability goals and commitments, “The firm will plant a tree in real life”, through the Eco-Age Global Forest initiative, “for every virtual tree planted in the Tommy Forest”. One of the different activities that players will be able to carry out in the space of the firm within the video game, in which “they will be invited to visit the Tommy Forest” to “attend a virtual party organized by an avatar of Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, dressed with a three-piece suit, bow tie and handkerchief in his jacket pocket ”. Event in which they will be able to “participate in different winter activities, shop inside a Tommy Hilfiger boutique and plant trees”.

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