Sustainable development – Carbon capture becomes the new quest of billionaires

After Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Jack Ma, Elon Musk in turn intends to support a technology where Switzerland is at the cutting edge. Zurich start-up Climeworks has just obtained the support of Microsoft.

Carbon capture technology developed by Zurich start-up Climeworks.


The promised sum is tidy. In all, there are 100millions of dollars that Elon Musk has just put into play on Twitter to reward the best carbon capture technology. If we are still waiting for the details promised by the whimsical American billionaire, this news has the advantage of putting into perspective the attraction of the greatest fortunes for this technology to remove CO2 of the atmosphere.

As proof, two days before the tweet of the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, Bloomberg revealed that Breakthrough Energy Ventures raised a billion in additional capital. It is added to the first obtained duringu official launch of this fund in december 2016 by Bill Gates. AT that time the founder of Microsoft had been able to count on the support of other great fortunes. This billionaire ball then included personalities such as Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Jack Ma (Alibaba) or Michael Bloomberg.

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