Sustainable mobility – Waste collection goes green and silent

Dump trucks are going green. Electric motors, biogas, soon to be hydrogen, alternative propulsions are of increasing interest to private recycling companies. Henry Recycling in the canton of Vaud and Serbeco in Geneva show the way.

Two 100% electric dump trucks from Henry Recycling collect waste from the west of Lausanne.

William Gammuto

For twenty years, heavy vehicles no longer had the favor of public opinion, because they were too polluting and too noisy. Those days are over, because it is from them that the solutions for green mobility will come – in part. This credo, initiated by public authorities, is now also the business of private companies, like Henry Recycling.

For the past few weeks, two waste collection trucks have been traveling the west of Lausanne in silence, or almost. This brand, owned by Henry Transports SA, has in fact acquired two 100% electric vehicles. “They complete the four trucks that already run on biogas,” says Henry Recycling director Eric Morier. We still have six diesel trucks, which meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, but these will gradually be replaced. ” Both electric vehicles are produced by Designwerk, based in Winterthur (ZH), which specializes in converting Volvo trucks. “They remove the engine and gearbox and replace them with an electric motor and the battery.”

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