Suzuki lightweight ADV will be imported into China!Tailing announced the arrival of test vehicles in Hong Kong- Free Electronic Newspaper Auto Channel

In April last year, Suzuki released a new ADV car called V-Strom 250 SX, which has a small displacement setting. Tailing announced on the Facebook fan page “Suzuki Motorcycle TW” on the 24th that the V-Strom 250 SX test car arrived in Hong Kong. Although the exact release schedule has not been announced, the import into China has been confirmed.

Tailing announced that the V-Strom 250 SX test car has arrived in Hong Kong and confirmed that it will be imported to Taiwan.

It is positioned as an ADV multi-functional adventure vehicle model, and it is lightweight. The headlight adopts the same shield-shaped style as the GIXXER 250, and the beak extending from the front of the car presents a sharp vision. It is equipped with goggles, closed handle bow guards, The under-engine guard and separate seat cushion provide comfort for off-road riding.

The power configuration is equipped with the same 249c.c. single-cylinder engine as the GIXXER 250, which can output a maximum horsepower of 26.5 horsepower and a maximum torque of 22.2 Nm. With the front 19-inch rear 17-inch wheel frame settings, the original factory introduced a 120mm actuation stroke front Suspension and 7-stage preload adjustable rear shock absorber endow excellent terrain conquering ability.

The V-Strom 250 SX will offer a white-label and more accessible ADV model option.

After entering Taiwan, this V-Strom 250 SX provides domestic consumers with a new choice of multi-purpose vehicles. Compared with ordinary ADV models, it is lighter, has a lower seat height, and is cheaper in price. The most important thing is that it does not require a heavy vehicle license. Riding, with the confirmation of the introduction of Tailing, is expected to set off a wave of off-road motorcycle travel in China.

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