Sven De Ridder guides you through the vaccination village at Spoor Oost

The video above shows how the vaccination proceeds in the vaccination village at Spoor Oost in Borgerhout. Sven De Ridder guides you through the center, from the moment of arrival until leaving the vaccination village.

Moreover, this is done in a playful way and if you look closely, you can also recognize actors Leen Dendievel, Linda De Ridder, Marc Hens, Kamal Kharmach and Luc Verhoeven. There will also be a subtitled version in 12 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, German, English, Farsi, French, Hebrew, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

‘With this video we show the people who are vaccinated what they can expect and what they can do to ensure that everything runs smoothly,’ says Jan Stroobants, head of emergency ZNA Middelheim and coordinator of the vaccination village VacCovid. ‘The entire visit for the vaccination only takes 20 minutes, including a 15-minute wait. If every Antwerp vaccinated person watches this video, things will improve well. And Sven De Ridder has one of the best viewed Belgian films of the year to his credit. ‘


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