Swap Arthur with Pjanic, Barcelona’s management rated dilapidated


Barcelona exchanged Arthur Melo with Miralem Pjanic for Juventus. Blaugrana management is considered dilapidated because of making the wrong transfer policy.

Arthur, who has only spent two seasons at Camp Nou, will be released to Juventus this summer. The Brazilian midfielder was exchanged for Pjanic plus money reportedly reaching 10 million euros.

The decision to swap Arthur, who was 23 years old or 7 years younger than Pjanic, made Barcelona hit by spray. Victor Font, Barcelona’s presidential candidate, assesses that management made the wrong strategy related to the club’s financial and sports projects.

“This exchange agreement, which is likely to be completed, confirms the fact that the club’s situation is very worrying and this is the most damaging place. There is a precarious financial situation and disruption in sports projects,” Font said through his social media. Brand.

“This transfer shows the council’s absolute priority today is to balance their finances by cutting down the collateral system which is very damaging, especially since its finances have been under pressure for years, long before the pandemic.”

“Last year [Jasper] Cillessen and Net. This year, to cover up their problems, management has sacrificed young and strategic players for the future, which was only recruited some time ago. “This is proof that there are no important sports projects for the club,” he chanted.

Font rate, Pjanic is also considered to be aging for a Barcelona class club. The Spanish giant is considered to be wasting money.

“Arthur’s exchange for Pjanic may be overestimated in market prices, and increasing future wage bills and bonuses for players who are heading towards the final phase of their careers. We judge, once again, they place the interests of people above the interests of the club,” condemned Font .

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