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Kochi: Gold smuggling case accused Swapna Suresh says life is threatened. Swapna said that she is constantly receiving threatening messages and the threat is to stop making allegations against the Chief Minister and his family. Swapna said that the threat was made by revealing the name and address and that the threat was also received in the name of gangster Marat Anish.

Nauphal, a native of Malappuram, threatened Swapna on the phone. Swapna said that Naufal said that he called after KT Jalil told him. The recordings of Swapna’s phone calls, which were said to be evidence of threatening messages, were also released.

ED Swapna told the media that the threat is believed to be to prevent the disclosure of more things in the ongoing investigation. A complaint has been lodged with the DGP along with a threatening message asking for an investigation. Swapna said that she and her family will be killed at any moment. Swapna stated that she will cooperate with ED as long as she lives.

The crime branch was called in the conspiracy case but could not go. He will cooperate with the investigation of the crime branch. The crime branch could not appear for the investigation because the ED investigation is going on. Swapna said that the crime branch is trying to obstruct the ED investigation.

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‘That red scooter guy is also not involved’ Police can’t find the accused in the AKG center attack case

Even after 2 days of the attack on the AKG center, the police have not been able to find the suspect. It is now said that the person in the CCTV footage collected by the investigation team is not the assailant. It is clear that the red scooter rider seen in the CCTV footage is not the assailant. The scooter had passed in front of the AKG center twice before the violence. However, the police say that this is a person who runs a thatt shop in the city.

Although it was said that progress was being made in the investigation based on CCTV footage, the investigation came to a standstill as no clues were found to reach the accused from the CCTV footage. The investigation team concluded that the suspect who threw the explosive device had the help of someone else.

The investigation is now focused on the phone information of those who were present at the time of the attack. The police hope to identify the accused in the investigation which is being conducted focusing on the phone numbers found under the mobile tower. Moreover, the information of the phone calls at the time of the incident is also being checked.

At the same time, the police have clarified that the person who was taken into custody for posting on Facebook that he would throw stones at AKG St. has nothing to do with the attack. But he was arrested on the charge of the non-bailable department, which includes the Art Appeal Department, on account of the Facebook post. Cantonment police arrested Richu Sachu, a native of Anthiurkonam.

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