Swati Mohan, Leader of NASA Mission Operations to Mars

Swati Mohan is from India who moved to the US since he was one year old.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The spacecraft Perseverance belonging to the American Space Agency (NASA) is part of a mission aimed at exploring Mars. Of course, there are figures who play an important role in this great mission.

One of them is Swati Mohan, lead operations and control for NASA’s Mars 2020 mission. He became the person responsible for ensuring the spacecraft carrying the Perseverance rover was properly directed.

When Perseverance was ready to make landfall on Thursday (18/2) yesterday, Mohan was perhaps the most tense person. With landings always at high risk, he provided plenty of commentary from mission control, including during descent.

Mohan was previously part of NASA’s Cassini mission. He then joined the Mars 2020 mission, which was prepared in 2013.

Mohan comes from India and moved to the United States (US) when he was one year old. He tells his story as a foreigner who has a very different culture at first it feels heavy.

“I wore a bindi (mark on the forehead) during hasar school and was intimidated physically because of it,” said Mohan. CNET Friday (19/2).

However, Mohan now doesn’t think about it anymore. He continues to wear the bindi he likes as part of his Indian cultural identity, even while working.

Mohan is seen wearing a bindi as he calmly announces every step of Perseverance’s journey in mission control. He has become a figure who is considered to inspire many people.

“Mohan is inspiring a new generation of scientists today,” wrote an astrophysicist, Karan Jani via the social network Twitter.

Congratulations to Mohan and the entire MARS 2020 team NASA for the successful Perseverance landing. The whole world will be looking forward to the further stages of research efforts on the Red Planet, which still has many mysteries.


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