Sweden: Greta Thunberg stamp now on sale

Sweden: Greta Thunberg stamp now on sale

A postage stamp bearing the image of Greta Thunberg has been available since Thursday in Sweden. It is part of a notebook entitled “Precious Nature”, drawn by the Swedish artist Henning Trollbäck. The vignettes in this series represent five of the country’s 16 goals for environmental conservation, reports The Guardian.

The drawings represent in particular Swedish natural sites to be protected, explained the Scandinavian postal service PostNord. In addition to the adolescent activist, forests, mountainous regions and their vegetation, agricultural land or even swamps and their biodiversity appear on the stamps. These are of a value that allows franking mail sent within the country.

12 euros for the booklet of 5 stamps

On the thumbnail where she appears, Greta Thunberg is drawn standing on the edge of a cliff. The one who celebrated her 18th birthday on January 3 is wearing her iconic yellow raincoat. Much of the stamp is occupied by birds flying near the cliff. The postal services said they wanted to pay tribute to the young girl’s commitment to “preserving the unique Swedish nature for future generations”.

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