Sweep a filter on TikTok to create photos with deceased relatives

The tool allows to incorporate the image of a person on any photo loaded in the background.

A filter that allows you to create photos alongside relatives or loved ones who have already passed away is creating a sensation among users of the social network TikTok.

The filter that makes it possible to make this type of photomontage is the ‘Green Screen Scan’, which incorporates the image of a person on any photo loaded in the background. “It made me very happy to be able to see me now with my father,” said Alexis Puckett, 19, who posted a video using the last photo he had taken with his father, who died of cancer in 2018. Shortly after, the recording was done. had been seen 7.4 million times.

One of the people who saw the images was Sara Rogers, 19, and from them she was inspired to create a photo with her mother, who died last year in a car accident. “It looked too realistic and it was very emotional for me,” he said.

Given the reiteration of testimonials from people who used this function, Sean Kim, product manager of TikTok in the US, defined the use of this tool as “inspiring”.

“This use of Green Screen Scan is another inspiring example of creativity and the heart of our community,” he told BuzzFeed News adding that they are “proud to see them continue to use TikTok to tell stories and share significant moments with the world.

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