Sweet and juicy Shane Nattawat asked Prae Pilairampha to marry on her birthday on a luxury boat.

20 July 2021 11:24 a.m.

Prepare for another bachelorette. For a celebrity couple like a dark-faced young actor Shane Nattawat Plengsiriwat and sweet actress Prae Pilairampha Sirisuriphat or Prae Phornrumpha After Shane made a surprise wedding proposal on Prae’s birthday. In the midst of a romantic atmosphere on a luxury boat in the middle of the sea

Shane-Prae. Thank you for the photo from IG. @chanenutthawat

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By Shane posted a picture of the time that Prae was married along with writing a short message “And she said ….. YES!!!!! I LoVE U @pairrykaa” including a sweet kiss. and wrote, “Happy Birthday @pairrykaa … wish Prae a very happy birthday. There are only people who love Prae like this forever. Chen thank you very much Prae coming into life come to change many like in Shane’s life to be better… Shane promises that Shane will take good care of Prae as a man can. And no matter what happens, Prae will have Shane by his side. Always like this, my love “Shane loves Prae the most”19/7/2021”

Among the comments that came to congratulate the couple including many happy birthdays to Prae Thairath Online Entertainment Congratulations.

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