Swimming Harbor: Ou Kaichun’s Performance in Women’s 100m Backstroke at Hangzhou Asian Games

2023-09-27 12:08:53

[Sports Road Hangzhou Direct Attack]The Swimming Harbor team was led by the “veteran of four dynasties” Ou Kaichun tonight. In the women’s 100m backstroke final, she swam 1:00.78 and touched the pool in fourth place. She was unable to make it to the top of the pool. The podium. Chun Chun has always hoped to push the personal best time of this event within 1 minute, but unfortunately this time he still failed to realize his dream in Hangzhou.

Ou Kai-chun, who holds the Hong Kong record for the women’s 100 back (1:00.22), set an impressive time of 1:01.34 in this morning’s preliminary round and advanced to the finals in fourth place overall. When it came to the final, she performed well in the first 50 meters and transferred to the pool in third place. Unfortunately, she was overtaken by South Korean swimmer Lee Eun-ji. As a result, Chunchun finished in fourth place in 1:00.78, still unable to win the Asian Games. Won the first individual event medal.

As for the third place in the women’s 100 back, the national team’s Wan Letian won the silver medal in 59.38 seconds, while his teammate Wang Xueer won the silver medal in 59.52 seconds, and Lee Eun-ji won the bronze medal in 1 minute, 00.03 seconds.

Ou Kaichun.

Atsushi Kyorai. (left)

Ou Kaichun.

Atsushi Kyorai. (right)

Ou Kaichun.

Jian Chuotong.

Wu Lihua.

In the men’s and women’s mixed 4×100 meter medley relay final, the Hong Kong team sent Zhang Xinyue, Liu Pingzhi, Yang Kaiqing and Huang Pei-shen to compete. As a result, the four of them worked together to achieve a time of 3 minutes, 55 seconds and 21 seconds, finishing in sixth place. The national team swam 3 minutes, 37 seconds and 73 seconds to break the Asian record and win the gold medal. Japan and South Korea won the silver and bronze medals respectively.

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Men’s and women’s mixed 4×100m medley relay Hong Kong team.

Men’s and women’s mixed 4×100m medley relay Hong Kong team.

Swimming Harbor Team tonight (27/9) final results

Women’s 100m butterfly
Jian Chuotong 59 seconds 55 (breaking PB) 6th

Women’s 100m backstroke
Ou Kaichun 1 minute 00 seconds 78 4th

Women’s 400m individual medley
Wu Lihua 4 minutes 57 seconds 79 8th

Men’s and women’s mixed 4x100m medley relay
Hong Kong team 3 minutes 55 seconds 21 6th

Swimming Harbor Team’s preliminary schedule for tomorrow morning (28/9)
Time items: Hong Kong generals participating in the war
Women’s 50m freestyle after 10:00 He Shibei, Tan Kailin
After 10:10 Men’s 50m Butterfly Wu Zhuoran, He Zhentao
10:23 Women’s 200m Breaststroke Chang Yujuan
After 10:23 women’s 200m breaststroke Lin Kaiqiao
10:39 Men’s 200m breaststroke Mai Shiting, Zhao Haojun
11:08 Men’s 800m freestyle slow group 2 Guo Junxi, He Chengye
11:21 Men’s 4×100m freestyle relay Hong Kong team
After 11:35 Women’s 4×200m Freestyle Relay Hong Kong Team

Pictures and interviews: Mak King-chi
Text: Wang Jiahao

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