Swiss bank confirms money laundering to Conmebol

A real scandal in the framework of the judicial process ‘FIFAGate’ met at this time.

This after the Swiss bank Julius Baer admits to the US courts that he laundered bribery money from various executives of South American football. Among them Sergio Jadue.

According to a newspaper chronicle The Nation of Argentina, the bank acknowledged that “it laundered at least US $ 25 million for Grondona from the payment of bribes he received in exchange for television rights of the 2018, 2022, 2026 and 2030 World Cups, as well as other tournaments ”.

And it wasn’t all. Julius Baer also, as part of an agreement signed with the United States Department of Justice, claimed that he helped the “Laundering of millions of dollars destined for the then president and treasurer of Conmebol, Ricardo Teixeira and Sergio Jadue, respectively, who also presided over the associations of Brazil and Chile ”, says the aforementioned trans-Andean media.

In this way, although Grondona (who died in 2014) is the main target in the investigation, the Chilean is still one of the most involved.

Moreover, according to La Nación, the bank also “admitted that it channeled the bribes related to the television rights of the América, Libertadores and Sudamericana cups for multiple executives of continental football. Jadue is mentioned again.

Regarding the latter, the note explains that close to 400 thousand dollars can be linked to the former president of the ANFP.

Eugenio Friguedo (Uruguay) with US $ 2 million; Marco Polo del Nero and José María Marín (Brazil) with at least US $ 3.9 million; Romer Osuna (Bolivia) with US $ 600.00 and Nicolás Leoz (Paraguay) without detailing the precise amount, are the others named.

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The scandal continues to mount, while Jadue, for now, continues to postpone his trial. The bank, for its part, promised to undergo constant audits for three years and pay $ 79.6 million in compensation.


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