Swiss Boeing 777 will soon fly with shark skin

CO2 emissions are reduced

Swiss Boeing 777 flies with shark skin

Swiss is the first airline to use a new surface coating on a passenger aircraft. It is intended to save kerosene and reduce CO2 emissions.

The lower the consumption of an aircraft, the more remains in the airline’s coffers at the end of the day. A simple Milchbüechli calculation. But how do you reduce the kerosene consumption of a heavy Boeing 777? With a new surface structure that is based on the skin of a shark. This is reported by the aviation portal Aerotelegraph.

Aero Shark is the name of the new surface. It was developed by the chemical company BASF and Lufthansa Technik. “The surface structure, which consists of ribs around 50 micrometers in size, imitates the properties of shark skin and thus optimizes the aerodynamics in the areas of the aircraft that are relevant to the flow,” explained Lufthansa.

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