Switzerland: Halted, sports stores are doing the accounts

After six weeks of closure imposed to curb the pandemic, Swiss stores were able to reopen their doors on Monday. A new crossing of the desert which weighed on the business of many traders. Among them, sporting goods stores were shut down in the middle of the winter season. “After all this time, we have between 30 to 50% of stock, estimates François Theytaz. The vice-president of the Swiss Association of Sporting Goods Stores Valais hopes to be able to save the end of the season by offering sales to have cash. “With 80% fewer tourists, the lack could not be filled by the Swiss, who already had their sports equipment, regrets the one who is also manager of a store in Thyon-Les Collons (VS ).

Same story in the plains, where François Cruchon, his counterpart in the Vaud-Friborg section, points out that for these stores, “the bulk of sales are made between October and the February breaks. In the resort, business is done from December to early March. Knowing that they make the bulk of their turnover in February, station stores are more affected than those located in the plain, calculates the merchant. In the sector as a whole, we expect a 20% drop in the sale of technical equipment compared to 2020. This year, we were lucky with the weather, there was snow everywhere. But our momentum was cut off from January 15. ”

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