“Sword Art Online Special Exhibition 2022” will be officially launched tomorrow. First look at the content of the venue “Sword Art Online”

The “Sword Art Online Special Exhibition 2022” organized by Kapok will be officially launched on the 22nd of tomorrow. GNN will be the first to enter the venue through the media tour today to bring you the event news at the exhibition venue.

“Sword Art Online Special Exhibition 2022” will have a variety of exhibition areas, meals, interactive games, giant gashapon machines and many “Sword Art Online” related peripherals, so that fans can enjoy the world of “Sword Art Online”. When you first enter the exhibition area, you will see that the protagonists “Asuna” and “Kirito” welcome players to log in, and guide fans into the game from the presentation of “work history” to “classic lines”.

Then there is the “Japanese Manuscript Display”, which will appear at the same time with 1:1 models of multiple characters. Finally, the classic animation scenes such as “the first floor BOSS level space” and “the starting square where the protagonists meet” are reproduced in the photo area.

Not only the exquisite exhibition area and products, but also the “FANFANS CAFÉ pop-up themed restaurant” is invited to enter. The menu design is inspired by the game operation screen of the UW system in the “Sword Art Online Alicization” chapter, which strengthens the “game” and “game” in Sword Art Online. “Themed meal” connectivity. There is also a giant gashapon machine exclusively launched at the Sword and Sword Exhibition, allowing fans to try their luck in the New Year. There are also “special exhibition limited cards” prepared for players at the scene, which can be obtained as long as fans complete the specified conditions. On certain weekends, a number of activities such as COSER meeting, special exhibition limited balloon delivery, etc. will be held to enrich the fans’ experience of visiting the exhibition.

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For the peripheral products, there are the first-selling “Premium Players Limited Combination” lucky bag set, which includes a full stealth scratch-resistant boarding case, as well as “Asuna” and “Alice” full-color pillows in the shape of the God of Creation, and Kirito. A gaming mouse pad, the price is 1800 yuan. There is also a special “Sword Art Online” series package in cooperation with “HOBBY BASE”, with the two protagonists Kirito and Asuna as the design concept, combined with the elements in the animation, to create a metaverse atmosphere, both function and shape. In addition, a bed bag set and a picnic mat are also launched. The bed bag group is the goddess “Asuna” in the shape of “God of Creation” and appears in a lying position. The picnic mat is a large two-meter wide picnic mat. With fine printing, it can also be used as an oversized canvas painting.

“Sword Art Online Special Exhibition 2022” is currently scheduled to be held from January 22 to February 20 at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Xintiandi A9, Xinguang Xintiandi, 9th Floor Banquet Hall. For those who are interested in the event, you can go to the official website for more information.

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