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She is one of the most recognized Mexican actresses in her country. She has participated in many national productions and in the last part of 2021, she became a topic of conversation after she revealed the reason why in 1980 she hid her daughter from her the death of his father, the musician Micky Salas.

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The veteran Mexican actress in 1970 became a mother and gave birth to Stephanie Salas. But, only 10 years later, the singer lost her father after a sudden heart attack. Since then, Pasquel made the decision not to tell her daughter the truth and the reason for her decision has only just been known almost 50 years later.

Recently, Sylvia Pasquel He clarified that he decided to remove his daughter from the entire process that led to the death of Micky Salas, with the sole objective of not generating a trauma when seeing the artist in those conditions.

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Sylvia Pasquel with her daughter Stephanie Salas (Photo: Sylvia Pasquel / Instagram)


When consulted head-on on the subject, Sylvia Pasquel recalled that episode and pointed out that from the first moment she thought about her daughter, about what could happen when she saw her then ex-husband lying inside a coffin, a reflection that led her to hide everything from him. the truth to Stephanie Salas.

“Yes, we have already talked about it, I already explained it to him. If you have an 8-year-old daughter and they tell you that your husband died, what decision do you make? Do you make it for yourself? Thinking about the well-being of your son? or, because it could also have taken her to the wake and it could have caused a trauma in the situation of seeing her father in a coffin and seeing her father buried in the ground two meters down “, explained the interpreter to the cameras of ‘Sale el sol’.

Pasquel remarked that this decision is one of those that parents must make in an extreme situation, where only the welfare of the children should be put first, and in this case that was what was at stake for Stephanie: “It is a decision that you as a father or mother make thinking that it is the right one for your daughter”, said.

In another part of her statements to the press, Sylvia Pasquel recalls that she only hid what happened to her daughter for a few hours, because when they returned to Mexico City she confessed it to her, but in an appropriate way for the age that in back then I had the ex-partner of Luis Miguel.

I returned to Mexico and on the second day I told him […] you have to think of a way, the most loving, to be able to tell your son that his dad is gone […] If your child cannot understand it at that time, he has to understand it as an adult because also as an adult he will have to make some such important decision “he added.


Sylvia Pasquel was not the only one who referred to the death of Micky Salas and how was it that she hid what happened from her daughter, since Stephanie Salas herself took the floor and explained what the situation is that she lives now with her mother.

For 2020, the singer gave an interview to ‘Ventaneando’ where she relived how it was when she lost her father when she was only 10 years old. The interpreter of ‘Baila Conmigo’ confesses that it affected her not knowing in time what happened with her father, as this did not allow her to say goodbye to him as she would have liked.

My mother was very afraid to say, as she knew it was my adoration… however, I do not judge my mother by any means […] The day my mother told me, poor thing, I didn’t even know how to tell me. He even told me like in a poem, my mother is very beautiful, but I was upset with all the circumstances “, he recalled.


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