Sylvie Ortega, accused of supplying drugs to Loana, explains in TPMP (VIDEO)

Hospitalized since yesterday for an overdose, Would Loana be in bad company? Former lofters accuse Sylvie Ortega, the starlet’s friend, of providing her with her drugs. Guest on the set of Do not touch My TV, she was able to explain.

Also present on the set, Eryl, a close friend of Loana, announced to have received a message from the latter today. He decided to read the contents, his voice trembling: “Still sorry for yesterday. Sylvie gave me a little too much medicine because I was stressed, and suddenly I couldn’t stand“.

Faced with these accusations, Sylvie Ortega denies en bloc, even if she admits to having given him a drug the day before his hospitalization: “I gave her a Xanax the day before to calm her down “. “I took her to the hospital. I came home with her suitcase and in fact in her blood it was GHB.“, she explains then, pointing out that the substance can be ordered”on the internet and everywhere“.

On social networks, many people point out that given Loana’s fragile health, clarifying this story live on television is not the best idea. For the majority of them, Sylvie Ortega would have a bad influence on the former lofteuse.

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