Symptoms of nasal congestion in children.. 8 tips to help with treatment

Babies, especially infants, are susceptible to colds, coughs, and flu, and in some cases, this can cause nasal congestion or blockage. This occurs when excess moisture causes tissues and blood vessels in the nose to swell. Childbirth is more susceptible to it, as even a small amount of air, breast milk or mucus can trigger it.

In this report, we learn about 7 tips for dealing with nasal congestion in children, according to the “Health” website.

Causes of nasal congestion in children

There are many reasons why your baby might be experiencing these symptoms. Your baby’s chest can get congested from breathing unhealthy air, smoke, and exposure to viruses, pollutants, and other irritants. Their bodies produce extra mucus in the nose.

If you notice the following symptoms, it simply means that your baby’s chest is engorged and you need to take immediate action:

Noisy breathing

Snoring while sleeping

Their nose is blocked

Appetite decreases a bit



-Runny nose

How to get rid of a stuffy nose?

Here are some tips for clearing a stuffy nose:

1. Give your child a warm bath, which has been shown to be really helpful in relieving congestion.

2. Make sure to follow up on regular feedings and change wet nappies on time.

3. Use a few drops of salt water to decongest.

4. Make sure the area around the baby is dry You can get a humidifier to keep the air around him moist, clean and well ventilated.

5. Massaging the bridge of the nose, forehead and cheekbones can relieve the discomfort caused by chest congestion.

6. Use gentle suction to clear the nasal passages, especially before feeding the baby.

7. Make sure to remove any kind of smoke, pollutants and allergens from the surrounding environment as they can cause your child to inhale bad air or irritants.

8. A steam session can help them breathe better. You can use the steam from the hot shower in the bathroom.

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