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Symptoms of the “Omicron” strain .. a South African doctor explains

The South African Medical Association (SAMA) has stated that people who have contracted the “Omicron” strain of coronavirus in the country are not in serious condition.

Angelique Coetzee, who chairs the association, told the BBC that so far, the cases that have been
Spotted in South Africa, not dangerous.

She said that research on the new strain is still at a very early stage, adding that only 24% of people have been fully vaccinated in the country against the virus.

“Patients often complain of pain in the body, fatigue and extreme fatigue, and we see this in the younger generation, not the elderly,” she added, adding that these were not patients, and they were taken directly to the hospital.

However, in statements to other media outlets, Coetzee expressed her concerns about the infection of the elderly, who suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes,
With the new breed.

And it was reported that Coetzee is the first female doctor in South Africa, who reported the patients, suffering from the new strain, to the authorities on November 18.

The World Health Organization classifies Omicron as a “strain of concern”.


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