Symptoms that signal a B12 deficiency are listed

Vitamin B12 is very important for maintaining the health of the body. with reference to Springer Medizin listed symptoms indicative of vitamin deficiency.

A lack of B12 may not manifest itself in any way for several years. Patients complain of such signs familiar to any disease as fatigue, weakness and exhaustion.

In addition to the listed symptoms, pallor of the skin, dizziness, redness or swelling of the tongue, loss of appetite, diarrhea, depression, memory problems can warn about a deficiency of vitamin B12.

At risk are elderly people, vegetarians and patients with gastrointestinal (gastrointestinal) problems.

Most B12 is found in meat from farm animals, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. This vitamin is absent in fruits, vegetables and grains.

Previously named four facial signs that signal a lack of vitamin B12.

Alena Andryukova

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