Symptoms, treatment … What you need to know about hypodermitis, this infection of the legs

Monday, in “Without appointment”, the doctor Jimmy Mohamed answered the question of a listener waiting for a hypodermatitis, which takes the form of painful inflammations in the legs. If no treatment is ideal, he reminds that to prevent these infections, we often use compression stockings.

Little known to non-specialists, hypodermatitis can however be very painful when it is not warned in time. This infection, which often affects the legs, is particularly noticeable by the burning sensation to the touch and by the redness of the skin. Suffering from this infection diagnosed by her phlebologist, Micheline, a listener from Europe 1, describes the pain, similar to burns, that she feels when she covers her legs and does not know how to treat. Monday in Without an appointment, Doctor Jimmy Mohamed recalled that no perfect treatment exists in this area but that these infections can be prevented by compression stockings.

What is hypoderma?

“It is also called dermo-epidermitis. The most common one is erysipelas, a bacterial infection of the legs. In Micheline’s case, it was her phlebologist who spotted her. However, we know that” there is hypodermitis related to venous insufficiency. At first, you have small, painless varicose veins, often behind the knee, on the outside of the leg. These varicose veins progress little by little, up to the stage of ‘ulceration.

In some people, because of this venous insufficiency, there will be inflammation which will simulate erysipelas and therefore an infection of the leg. “

How to treat it?

“Hypoderma looks like an infection. For example, it will take the form of a big painful red leg. Often, we use compression stockings to prevent because we do not have enough effective treatment. phlebologist works before this stage by sclerosing varicose veins to prevent this. But the treatment is never perfect. “

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