Synopsis Help Me, Khun Phee helps me, Channel 3HD (first episode)

Synopsis Help Me Khun Phi help me. Channel 3HD.

The cute story of the young ghost whohad to fall down the stairs to become a buddyWith a beautiful, rich, charming girl, you tuber, the famous number one The reason is because the horoscope is suitable and theThe month of birth is related toThe chaos began to becomeMaintain love and protectTake care of you until you become a ghost, please help, starring De Chantwitch Thanasewi, Dierna Flipo, Parith Timthong, Prang Kannaran Wongkajonklai, Dia Surin Arunwattanakul, Mam Cattleya Macintosh Follow every monday-Tuesday from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., starting on Tuesday October 19, 2021

List of actors Help Me, Khun Phee Chuay, Channel 3HD

  • De Chantwit Thanasewi as young ghost
  • Deerna Flipo
  • Parith Timthong
  • Prang Kannaran Wongkachonklai
  • Single Surin Arunwattanakul
  • Wu Smithi Likhitmaskul
  • Mam Cattleya Macintosh
  • Chrissy Krissiri Suksawat
  • Fluke Chinnapat Kitichaiwarangkun
  • Mee Phisamai Wilaisak
  • Tuk Ta Tungkamanee
  • Kob Songsit Rungnophakunsri
  • Kik Mayurin Pongpudphan
  • Deputy case law
  • Banana, smile


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