Synopsis of the Sinetron Ikatan Cinta Monday, November 23, 2020, caught Mrs. Rossa Al still hides Andin!

STYLE JOURNAL—— RCTI, return to broadcast soap operas a new MNC Pictures romance drama. Title The Bond of Love soap operas which was directed by Doddy Djanas, premiered on Monday (19/10), at 19.30 WIB.

The soap opera stars several talented players such as Amanda Manopo who plays the role Andin, Evan Sanders plays Nino, Glenca Chysara plays Elsa, Arya Saloka, Fiki Alman, Surya Saputra, Natasha Dewanti, and Sari Nila. Although new, soap operas it has got prime time broadcast time.

Synopsis of the soap opera The Bond of Love Monday 23 November 2020:

It didn’t work Andin, Nino finally met Al, pay the certificate that has been issued Al. And ask Al don’t lie Andin again. Nino knows, Al lied to you Andin related to Oma Reyna, who turns out to be a biological mother Al alone. Al stunned to hear Nino’s words.

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Nino has learned that Elsa has mortgaged her parents’ house certificate to pay off her debts.

Nino is furious at Elsa and doesn’t want to share a room with Elsa. In the morning, Elsa sulked and ran away. Everyone, look for Elsa.

Including Andin and her mother, joined in looking for Elsa to a cafe. As it turned out, Elsa was in despair and almost committed suicide. Elsa, said he really hates Andin. Because, already won his mother’s affection. Elsa passed out. Andin and her mother immediately took Elsa to the hospital.

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When I come home, Andin look Al already waiting at home. Andin wonder, Al already home even though each afternoon.


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