Synopsis Synopsis of the Bonds of Love Thursday, November 19 2020, Al and Nino almost have a fist fight over Andin!

STYLE JOURNAL —–RCTI, return to broadcast soap operas a new MNC Pictures romance drama. Title Bond of Love soap operas which was directed by Doddy Djanas, premiered on Monday (19/10), at 19.30 WIB.

The soap opera stars several talented players such as Amanda Manopo who plays Andin, Evan Sanders plays Nino, Glenca Chysara plays Elsa, Arya Saloka |, Fiki Alman, Surya Saputra, Natasha Dewanti, and Sari Nila. Although new, soap operas it has got prime time broadcast time.

Here’s a Synopsis of the Synopsis Bond of Love Thursday 19 November 2020:

Al finally saved. But Andin kept crying. He was afraid of losing Al. Al asked Andin not to cry.

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Al transferred to the ward. Michelle saw Al, because both were in the hospital. Michelle looked into the room Al and say, if Al must have loved his wife so much that he wanted to get hurt protecting his wife.

Al said, he did not love Andin to Michelle. At that time, Andin came with medicine. Hearing this, Andin was sad. He ran out of the room. Al would have helped but the wound was not healed.

Pa Surya, who came to the hospital, saw Andin running. Pa Surya was surprised, he also looked into the room Al evidently, Al was with Michelle a misunderstanding ensued.

Pa Surya, angry with you Al. He called Al to tell Andin to be taken home. Pa Surya, ask on Al do not invite Andin if only to be hurt.

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