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Syria, one year old girl on the run, died of cold


died yesterday morning at dawn frozen for a year and a half in the arms of her father who was trying to take her on foot to the hospital from an improvised refugee camp in the village of Ma’rata, in the governorate of Aleppo. Iman Mahmoud Laila lived in a tent – says the Syrian Network for Human Rights – with his family, who fled in 2018 from the city of Hamouriya, in Ghouta, the outskirts of Damascus, after clashes in the area. The Syrian Network for Human Rights close to the opposition also released the image of the girl’s body.

With the bitter cold of these days, in a precarious accommodation without heating, Iman Mahmoud Laila she got sick and started having breathing problems. The father decided to go to the hospital in Shefaa, near Afrin, two hours’ walk away, where for the girl who arrived lifeless.

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The Ma’rata region has been hit by the snowfall these days. And while fighting does not stop throughout northern Syria, 100 thousand Syrian civilians have been displaced in the last 48 hours in the north-western region of the country suffering from the Russian-government offensive and Turkish military intervention. This was reported by the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria (Ondus), according to which the tens of thousands of civilians fleeing the districts south-west of Aleppo are directed to the Turkish border and it is largely women and children . According to the UN, there are around 700,000 displaced people in total from December to the first week of February.

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