System Shock Remake announces release window and launches new demo

Nightdive Studios announced that the game will also arrive on Amazon Luna.

If you are fans of the System Shock saga and are looking forward to the remake of the first one, good news. Night diving studios has finally announced a release window for the title. System Shock Remake will be released at some point in the next summer, on a specific date that has not yet been announced. The studio has opened reservations on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG.

In addition to this new information, Nightdive Studios released a new demo in the three PC stores, with an updated version of the game. Thus, the study kept the promise it made a few weeks ago by declaring that it would open reservations and launch a new trial version . This new demo brings various improvements and gives an overview of the current state of the game.

System shock - Remake

Nightdive Studios, which also released a new teaser video, commented that the development was complicated. “Our development path he was crushed (at least), but what you’re playing is the vision and experience we set out to create, as well as the adversity and challenges we face along the way. they only made the end game betterThe study said in a statement on Kickstarter.

The demo has DLSS support, new backup function, a new level, new difficulty modes and other interesting news. By the way, the game will also come to cloud gaming service Amazon Moon. This remake has surprised with the harshness of it at times, for being a gore game in cyberspace, a shooter with a cyberpunk theme.

System Shock 2, with virtual reality

If you pre-order System Shock Remake, the studio will give you for free System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition, which is the remastered version of this classic game. Recently we also brought you one of the good news that this game will have virtual reality support. Therefore, not only can you relaunch the game with various upgrades, but you can also be in it.

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