Systemic Islamophobia in Canada!

Today is held in Ottawa a summit on “Islamophobia”. As we know, this concept which places in the same category hatred of Muslims, criticism of Islam, that of Islamism and the simple observation that Islam does not integrate well into the societies in which it settles is wobbly and serves to amalgamate the first phenomenon mentioned with the other three.

However, the political class is acting as if it were taken for granted. However, it suffices to pay attention to the main associations which promote it to see the explosive charge of this concept.

This is the case of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, which this week denounced the “systemic Islamophobia” which would prevail in Canada!


We could just laugh at a concept symptomatic of ideological paranoia, but when we remember how quickly such ideas spread, we should rather be worried.

The CNMC presented a series of recommendations.

We could be interested in each one, so clearly this organization intends to impose on Canadian society its vision of Islamophobia, not to say submit it, by imposing it through compulsory training throughout society.

Other militant associations also want to impose their representation of Islam on the media, and censor those who deviate from it, as can be seen in the appendix to the CNMC’s proposals.

But let us look particularly at those targeting Quebec society.

Thus, the CNMC wants “the Attorney General to intervene[ne] in all future cases putting, challenging Bill 21 in court ”.

In other words, the challenge of Quebec secularism should become an official policy of the Canadian regime – which it already is in many respects, by the way! But we will have understood the essential: for the CNMC, Law 21 is Islamophobia, it would be such a manifestation that we should seek to destroy it.

In the same spirit, the CNMC pleads for the creation of a “fund to help those affected by Bill 21 to benefit from a certain financial security until the law is invalidated.” This is not a transition fund, because no Quebecer should have to change vocation because of discrimination. This federal fund is intended to provide assistance while the legal challenge is pending ”.


Basically, we should turn into victims of Islamophobia those who simply refuse to comply with a law democratically adopted by the National Assembly.

Let us take a little height: Islam is of recent establishment in Western societies, and for the moment, it is struggling to integrate there. And everywhere, activists carrying a radical version of their religion in banner denounce the supposed Islamophobia of our societies.

Let us dare the question: why settle in a country which one assimilates to such a hell?

And let us suppose that the CNMC is far from representing the opinion of the majority of Canadian Muslims. We can therefore easily do without his and his recommendations.

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