T-Mobile 5G to boost AR glasses and help Qualcomm bring the metaverse to life – Marseille News

T-Mobile has announced that it will be the exclusive 5G launch partner of Qualcomm Technologies’ new Snapdragon Spaces XR development platform. This platform allows developers to create immersive augmented reality experiences and benefit from the new T-Mobile Accelerator program.

The accelerator will work with startups and developers to create these experiences for AR glasses in gaming, entertainment, and other industries starting in spring 2022.

Qualcomm will also work to help launch AR glasses as a companion to smartphones. On the other hand, T-Mobile will strive to create an ecosystem of applications to take advantage of the technology. To achieve this, T-Mobile engineers and business leaders will work with T-Mobile Accelerator participants.

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So far, T-Mobile Accelerator has worked with 75 startups that have raised a total of $ 96 million, and 80% are still in business today.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray said:

5G is fueling more immersive experiences that better connect us to people and things around the world, and glasses will be one of the first disruptive new product categories.

AR glasses will have a real impact for both businesses and consumers, but first we need to create the ecosystem of developers who will bring new apps to life, and Snapdragon Spaces is a critical step in getting there.

T-Mobile also still has a significant lead over 5G with 308 million people covered by its extended low-band coverage. T-Mobile also covers 190 million with its mid-range Ultra Capacity 5G network allowing for much higher speeds than Extended Ranger. T-Mobile has a clear advantage when it comes to 5G coverage and also offers some of the best cell phone plans for those who want to experience 5G with plenty of data and streaming extras.

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