Tabasco Public Function files 23 complaints against former officials of Arturo Núñez

VILLAHERMOSA, Tab. ( .– The Tabasco Ministry of Public Function (SFP) has filed 23 criminal complaints against former officials of the PRD government of Arturo Núñez Jiménez for alleged deviation of 1,500 million pesos, out of 4 billion of the fiscal year fiscal 2018 that have not been resolved.

The complaints were filed with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and the State Attorney’s Office (FGE), reported Jaime Antonio Farías Mora, head of the SFP.

He explained that last year 65 audits of 2018 (last year of the Nuñista administration) were carried out in which observations were found for 4 billion pesos that have not been paid, of a supervised amount of 13 billion pesos.

From these audits, 23 criminal complaints were released for alleged property damage of 1.5 billion pesos, through 12 investigation files.

“They are criminal complaints against former officials of four state agencies corresponding to the year 2018. We are talking about entities executing resources that could not afford 4 billion pesos, so the process is open,” said the official.

The former officials involved worked in the Ministry of Health, the State Commission for Water and Sanitation (CEAS), the College of High School Students of Tabasco (Cobatab) and the Higher Technological Institute of Comalcalco (ITSC).

He considered that the amount observed could increase as the stages of the investigation are closed and because eight audits of the same year 2018 have not yet concluded, which includes the same CEAS and the Center for Interpretation and Coexistence with Nature “Yumká ”, Among other dependencies.

In November 2019, the 2018 public account of former governor Arturo Núñez was rejected by the State Congress, due to observations of the Superior Oversight Body (OSFE) for more than 4 thousand 497 million pesos that, until that date, had not been paid .

In this regard, the coordinator of the PRI deputies in the local Congress, Gerald Washington Herrera, proposed that the name of former governor Núñez Jiménez be included in the public consultation held in Tabasco to prosecute former presidents of the Republic.

From the rostrum, the PRI legislator said that Governor Adán Augusto López Hernández or the majority Morenoist bench in Congress should promote that the people of Tabasco be asked whether or not they want to prosecute the former PRD governor and his wife, Martha Lilia López Aguilera, as well as “the entire gang of mercenaries who stole public resources during the past six-year term.”


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