News Tabitha's sect in Pau: a woman indicted for suspicion...

Tabitha's sect in Pau: a woman indicted for suspicion of violence against children


For more than 20 years, this sectarian community has been talking about it for child abuse. Last episode: a mother was indicted on Wednesday for "aggravated violence" on children members of Tabitha's Place in Sus, near Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). The woman was left at liberty under judicial control, announces the parquet of Pau.

The day before, on Tuesday, the sect was the object of a vast gendarmerie operation: 75 soldiers were mobilized to carry out a dozen arrests in this one congregation installed in a manor in Sus since 1983 and which says to follow the the law of Abraham ".

The indictment is alleged to have used a wooden stick for "educational corrections" on children, a practice advocated by the community, considered a sect by several associations and by the Interministerial Mission of vigilance and fight against sectarian excesses (Miviludes).

"The audits have not been able to highlight the medical shortcomings of children," said the prosecutor of the Republic of Pau, Cécile Gensac. Others were heard by the investigators on Wednesday.

Lack of care, refusal of schooling, vaccination

The first legal troubles of this sect came from the United States back in 1997. The little Raphael, 19 months, who suffered from rickets but had not been abused, was suffering from a congenital heart malformation, which he had not never been operated. For lack of care and food, he was dead. His parents had been sentenced to twelve years' imprisonment.

Five years later, 19 members of Tabitha's Place had been sentenced by the Pau Court of Appeal, in particular for the refusal of schooling and vaccination of their children.

A judicial inquiry was opened in 2014 following information provided by a former member of the community, followed by another, in March 2019, after the broadcast of a television report, broadcast in December 2018. Both proceedings have been attached.

"Vulnerability abuse", "hidden work"

As part of the first judicial investigation, ten people were taken into custody in 2015 during a large-scale gendarmerie operation and children were placed in temporary placements.

The investigation concerned "facts of abuse of vulnerability in the context of a sectarian movement, acts of violence against minors concerning the conditions of education, and facts of hidden work" of this trend movement " apocalyptic ", also known as the" Apostolic Order "," Twelve Tribes "or" Ruben and Brothers ".



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