Taddao arrives in Japan to prepare for another V-League season

Movement: Thaddao Nukchaeng and Jarasporn Banrasak 2 Thai women’s volleyball players To travel to compete in the volleyball V.League, the highest league of Japan.

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By Jaratporn Barangsak of Diamond Food Club, the 2020-21 season of the Thai League Championship, will move to join the Toyota Auto Body Quincy team with Hattaya Bamrungsuk, the Thai national fast ball team, while “Na N” Thaddao Nukchaeng, Thai national team slapper Recently won the championship with JT Marvelous agency in the past season. and remain with the team this season

Recently, on September 21, 1964, Thad Dao Nuk Jaeng has already arrived in Japan. to prepare for the next competition with the agency

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