Taeyeon holds her dog ‘Zero’ and boasts a handful of ‘ant waist’… Stimulates protective instincts

[OSEN=박하영 기자] Taeyeon, a member of Girls’ Generation, showed off her slim figure.

On the 25th, Taeyeon posted several photos with the caption “(Cold martial arts)”. In her photo, Taeyeon is pictured hugging her dog, Zero, in her elevator. In particular, Taeyeon, who boasted her small face and narrow waistline, aroused admiration from viewers with her slender figure.

Not only that, but in the following photos, she is wearing leggings and taking a mirror selfie. He exudes a bright beauty and catches the eye with a fresh yet lovely charm.

To this, fans showed various reactions such as “It’s spring”, “Even if you look at it calmly, you are very pretty”, “Taengoo-nim is pretty”.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is currently appearing on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday’.


[사진] ‘Taeyeon’ Channel

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