Steam zombie shooting “Black Tide” is more popular than “Plague 2”, the official admits that there is a problem with ray tracing optimization | 4Gamers

The latest work “Warhammer 40,000: Darktide” by the original team of the Swedish developer Fatshark, after the pre-order pre-order experience and the official launch on December 1, refreshed the number of online players of the previous “Plague 2” on Steam , but the game has also been criticized for optimization issues, and the current Steam … Read more

Highly praised zombie tide shooting “Kuroshio” trial play: four professional cooperation dreams back to L4D2, the bullets on the ground need to be divided into 30 to 70% | 4Gamers

The 4-player survival cooperative game inspired nearly a decade of similar works under the influence of “Left 4 Dead 2” (Left 4 Dead 2) in 2009, and the Swedish developer Fatshark’s “Plague of the Last Days” series has become one of the masterpieces that stand out First, the latest work of the original team, “Warhammer … Read more